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We are the cleantech experts.
We find, fund, and foster the most promising cleantech startups on the planet.

The Cleantech Open is a non-profit startup accelerator that focuses on the clean technology area. Since 2005, the Cleantech Open has awarded over $6 million in cash and services through the Cleantech Open Accelerator Program. The 1000+ companies in the Cleantech Open's Accelerator Programs have raised more than $1.1 billion in external capital.

The Cleantech Accelerator Program

Accepted applicants to the program work with mentors, access a valuable network of professionals, and attend business clinics and webinars that provide them with the skills they need to take their business forward. In the fall, teams present their ideas for regional-level judging. Finalist teams from regions across the county move on to be showcased in our annual Global Forum. The Global Forum showcase also features a competition among the regional winners and national prizes are awarded.

Volunteers and Mentors

As a non-profit organization, the Cleantech Open is run largely by volunteers. We are all united in our passion for clean technology and helping to make a difference in the world today. Please email us at western@cleantechopen.org if you are interested in volunteering.

If you wish to be a mentor for the Western or Pacific Northwest Regions in 2017, please sign up at www.western.cleantechopen.org/en/registration; or if you have already signed up, login at www.western.cleantechopen.org/en/login to confirm your availability. Please also review and update your profile so that we can assign companies to you that best match your current skills and interests.

2017 Startup applications are now open!

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