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Success Stories

Our Alumni come from an array of backgrounds and expertise. Cleantech Open is happy to share the following success stories as examples of ideas and companies who have flourished after graduating from the Cleantech Open Accelerator Program

"What can I say about my ride with the CleanTech Open? More than a ride, I would consider it a dive, and the CleanTech Open the diving trampoline platform to an Olympic pool of possibilities.

It has been my greatest propulsion force as a starting entrepreneur in the CleanTech world. I arrived to California from Canada after finishing my degree in business with environmental sciences. I had a vision of what I wanted to do, and through the universe unfolding or luck (whichever you may call it) a CTO application fell in my hands on its last call for applicants round. I got in.

Next, I gathered all my motivation and will to build my company on fog water harvesting technology and implementation for the U.S. West Coast, and I dived in. I came out more polished and fit as a professional and as a person. I didn't get the final prize, but the CTO trampoline landed me on another trampoline; I became a finalist at NASA’s SU Drought Impact Challenge and I was interviewed by Fast Company. Finally, I succeeded in securing seed fund disbursement from Global Affairs Canada to implement my own project in Mexico, and work simultaneously with the Metropolitan Institute of Planning of Guadalajara to develop their 2042 plan for a sustainable city. The CTO Accelerator program taught me to be stubborn about my goals but flexible about the methods. Thank you CleanTech Open, and for those about to dive in, I salute you."

-    Tatiana Estevez Carlucci of Permalution

Axiom Exergy - 2014 CTO Alumnus

Axiom Exergy is an energy storage company focused on making the world’s energy systems smarter and more efficient. They provide turnkey energy-management solutions that reduce operational costs and business risk for supermarkets and commercial buildings with high refrigeration-based energy loads.  An industry first, the Refrigeration Battery makes it possible for supermarkets, cold-storage facilities, and food processors to intelligently store and deploy refrigeration. The battery plugs into your refrigeration system, just like a display case. It stores thermal energy produced by your refrigeration system during off-peak hours, and deploys it during on-peak hours. As a result, electricity demand is reduced by up to 40 percent during peak hours—a significant cost savings.  

 Recycled Hydro Solutions - 2014 CTO Alumnus

After receiving approval from the Arkansas Department of Health to move forward with beta testing on their innovative product, RinseWell, Recycled Hydro Solutions was awarded the 2016 Kitchen Innovations Award. Recycled Hydro Solutions developed RinseWell DWC (dipper well controller) that uses patent pending technology to turn a water wasting and unsanitary dipper well into a smart, water saving, and sanitary solution. This technology is projected to reduce water usage by up to 80% and has shown to be over 90% more effective at eliminating pathogens and viruses compared to traditional dipper wells.

 Rowbot - 2013 CTO Alumnus

Nearing its 4th year, Rowbot is redefining what’s possible for farmers by using robotics. Their first machine is a small, self-driving, multi-use platform that travels between rows of corn, removing height constraints imposed by a rapidly growing crop. Rowbots work in teams to apply nitrogen fertilizer in sync with corn needs, inter-seed cover-crops into tall corn, and collect data to inform both current and future work.


 SolarBag - 2010 National Grand Prize Winner

Puralytics ®, a water purification equipment company headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, has developed a patented photochemical water purification process using only light energy to activate an advanced nanotechnology photocatalyst. There are no chemical additives and 100% of the water is purified. Puralytics Shield, LilyPad, and SolarBag ® water purification products set new standards for sustainability, ease of use and cost effectiveness. The patented, award-winning SolarBag ® produces safer, better tasting water than basic filtration products/water filters or chlorine tablets, using sunlight-activated nanotechnology to eliminate more contaminants than any other portable purifier. It delivers the most protection and peace of mind – it eliminates contaminants other products cannot.

 Verdigris - 2011 CTO Alumnus

Verdigris recently raised $9 million after their latest round of funding. Verdigris is an energy consumption analytics system designed to pull data on large facilities and automatically detect energy-consuming devices based on their individual electronic fingerprint. The system then serves up real-time energy consumption data to facilities managers via a series of analytics dashboards. Recently, they developed Tracker, which is the most sophisticated electricity monitoring product on the market today, born out of the frustration of working in day-to-day building operations. The Tracker mobile notifies users about energy overuse and equipment faults before they impact operations and occupants.

Bioroot Energy - 2012 CTO Alumnus 

In 2013 World Bank projected waste volumes will triple by end of century, so the need for solutions is hard to overstate. This is where Bioroot Energy’s idea for higher mixed alcohol fuel has a bright future for several reasons. The zero-emission gasification/closed-loop synthesis process uses all carbon wastes, i.e., solid, liquid and gaseous (CO2 and CH4 methane are the easiest feedstocks to work with). Additionally, it powers all types of gas/diesel engines without modification. This EPA approved fuel formula is patented in USA and most major countries and is cost competitive with petroleum fuels when produced at commercial scale (over 1,000 barrels per day). Plants can scale to refinery volumes 15,000 - 150,000+ bpd to accommodate large municipal projects, economies of scale are significant. Bioroot Energy recently released a detailed business plan as part of their stateside and EU PPMs raising a total of $21M.

 Full Circle Feed - 2014 CTO Alumnus

Full Circle Feed is now featuring its sustainable dog treats at over 14 retail locations. “For far too long, our society has ignored and disposed of billions of tons of valuable extra food. This food embodies nutrients and energy that can be captured and reused. Full Circle Feed does just that!  Our treats are made with unused meats, vegetables, fruits, and breads from restaurant buffets that were prepared but not served. The result is a healthy, delicious, environmentally-sustainable dog treat!”


Nano Gas Technologies - 2013 CTO Alumnus

The company has received an LOI for two more salt water disposal well installations.  The LOI also includes the intention for additional sites in Oklahoma to replace the 40% cut back in disposal capacity due to earthquakes. Nano Gas Technologies continues to hear that demand for growth will be huge!


 Neuvokas Corp - 2014 CTO Sustainability Award Winner 

Neuvokas been selected as one of 10 companies from across the country to represent the Americas Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC) as one of the best startups from across the country. Founded in 2013, Neuvokas Corp realized that advances in manufacturing and material sciences now allowed FRP rebar to be produced competitively with its steel counterpart. This spurred founders to build the early prototypes that would in short order increase manufacturing speeds in the industry by over 1200%. In two short years they are producing high quality FRP rebar at prices competitive with steel. That is approximately 50% below its FRP competitors.

 Hive Lighting Co. - 2012 CTO Alumnus

Hive’s Plasma lighting is completely flicker free. Plasma is the world’s most reliable high-speed light source. The process of super heating the argon gas in each bulb requires cycles well beyond the frame rates currently possible with any high-speed camera. At 450Mhz, a plasma bulb cycles 450 million times per second, the equivalent of 225 million frames per second before any flicker could be detected. The fastest HMIs are usually cycling at 1000hz, or 450,000 times slower per second; even the fastest LEDs are only at 5000hz. In February of 2016, Hive Lighting, Inc. won the International Press Academy's Tesla Award for Innovative Technology in Filmmaking.